Broker Services

The Quro Trust can handle your Exchange transactions on most international exchanges around the world. *

The Sun never sets of THE QURO TRUST. With trading representatives in OCEANIA, ASIA, EUROPE and THE AMERICAS, a QURO representative is always available to place your trade 24 hours a day no mater where you live and no matter what market you trade on.

If you would like to open a Brokerage account please contact us here and be sure to tell us which country you are a resident of as residents of some countries may not qualify for an account (You may download an application package for your inspection here Bank & Securities Apps Revised  ):

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Some restrictions may apply internationally depending on which country you are a resident of. For further information, please contact us.

In Some areas, The QURO TRUST services wholesale clients only.  If you are not a wholesale client we may refer you a corresponding brokerage firm in your country that can service your account and place GXG orders through The QURO TRUST.