Have An Investor? Need A Financial Guarantee?

Would you like to purchase an investment guarantee for your Common, Preferred Stock or Bond/Debt Offering? Or for your Merger/Acquisition project? Or Entertainment Project?It's In The Vault!

The Quro TrustIs an admitted GXG Markets UK Broker and is a registered Financial Service Provider in New Zealand. (Our Financial Service Provider Number is FSP62941) The Quro Trust is registered to provide Financial Guarantees and will provide you with an investment guarantee for your stock or debt instrument/merger or acquisition project/entertainment project. QURO Investment Guarantees cost 10% of the amount of the financial guarantee plus associated escrow expenses which will vary depending on the type of financial guarantee and terms. Investment Guarantees are backed by escrowed assets and can cover both principal and interest. Minimum guarantee is for $ 1,000,000. No Maximum Guarantee. Can be issued as high as $500,000,000 or more.

As with most Financial Guarantees, the company is responsible for providing investors who will fund against the Quro Financial Investment Guarantee. Term sheets are available upon written request from a verifiable Institutional Investor or other Wholesale Investor on your behalf stating they are willing to fund your company or project subject to a verifiable financial guarantee.

Investment Guarantees can also be borrowed against by the owner, providing a form of post investment liquidity for your investors.

The Quro Trust Offers the following type of Financial Investment Guarantees

Investment Guarantees (Stock/Debt guarantees for principal and interest)

Merger and Acquisition Guarantees ( The Quro Trust will guarantee your investors principal and interest return for a period of time)

Entertainment Production Guarantees ( The Quro Trust will Guarantee your movie or other entertainment project is made and/or The Quro Trust will guarantee principle or interest)

Contact The Quro Trust or your local representative for more information.

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